About Me

Who am I? A little about myself.

Hello, My name is Heather Fox. I am a freelance web designer. Originally from New Jersey, I now live in Connecticut.

My Special Interests

When I am not working, I enjoy participating in auto racing when I have some spare money lying around. My husband and I both own racecars and enjoy racing at Pocono and Lime Rock Park. In fact my wedding was at Lime Rock Park.

Also I am a big lover of animals. I am a foster mom for a few rescues and pounds. I help transport some of these poor animals to new foster homes or new forever homes. The photo on the left is one of my successfully placed foster dogs. He was found roaming the NY streets, brought to me weighing over 106 pounds and by the time he was adopted 4 weeks later, he was 85 pounds. I miss him so much, but I know he is happy now, and that is the whole purpose of a rescue.

If you are a rescue or are involved with animals and need a website, I will try to save you as much money as possible. I enjoy helping as much as possible.

Education Background

Currently I have two Associates degrees. One is in Computer Aided Drafting and Design Technology. I have been using AutoCAD since 1998 and know versions from R12-R2006 including LT. I have AutoCAD 2004 at home, and access to Autocad2006LT. The second degree is in Mechanical Engineering. I started doing work in this field but it bored me. I have 9 classes remaining till my BA in Technology Management. And really want to go to school full time for Radiology to become a MRI Technician.

Design Background

I have been building websites since 1996 when my husband built one for my car as a surprise. I ended up taking over the free website, then went crazy making more sites for family and friends.

-Type 60 WPM
-JAVA Scripts
-I DO NOT know Flash
-I am NOT good at designing Databases
-I can create you Forums
-OS Commerce
-Generate Mail Forms
-Some Graphics
-Design with Hard Code, don't use web design assistant programs.
-Knowledge of FTP
-Some knowledge of CHMod

My Time / Your Time:

-Pending on the size of the site it can be done within 48-72 hours.
-This is a Part Time Hobby of mine. I do have a FT job that comes first.
-The more exact in description and more info you give me to work with, the faster your site will be done.
-I will maintain your site for 1 year, updating it a few times a month or more if needed for a fee.
-PLEASE let me know if you have a deadline. I will make sure your work comes first.

How Do I work and make you happy?:

-All websites are built on my personnal server until completion or the customer is satisified.
-We do not make a site LIVE or visible to the public until YOU say ok.
-If I do not meet your needs and you do not like what I have created for you, then you don't pay for anything unless you have already bought the hosting and domain name. I keep the site I created and you walk away with your money.
-I do require a $50 deposit for each project. It will later be deducted from your bill or returned to you pending the result of the work. 50% of the payment is due once you approve the final layout of the website. 100% is due prior to the website going online, unless otherwise negotiated.

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